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Burial Vaults

What Is A Burial Vault

A burial vault is a specially lined and sealed concrete casing that is specifically designed to protect caskets from harmful elements such as pressure from soil, heavy gravesite equipment, or any water that may end up near the casket. Burial vaults also have the added benefit of assisting in maintaining a safe gravesite by ensuring the stability of the ground and preventing any collapses or settling.

Why Do I Need A Burial Vault?

Caskets are very common and many understand their importance. However, not many people know the impact that a burial vault can have on a casket once it is buried. It is very common for people to use concrete boxes as a form of protection for their caskets. However, a concrete box does not offer as much protection as a burial vault. Concrete boxes have holes at the bottom that allow for water and moisture to drain. These can break down over time and limit the protection that is provided. Burial vaults offer many more layers of protection that protect the casket from pressure and other outside elements.